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We are the home for clean, classic, and timeless wedding photography by Candice KausHagen and Joseph Victor Stefanchik.

We’re two destination wedding photographers, madly in love. And we love photographing other couples in love.


When Candice is not clicking away, you can find her shopping at Sephora, Lululemon, perusing Target in Pier Park or researching her next pair of Louboutin’s. She’s an incredible Momma to two tween aged boys.

When Joseph is not clicking away, you can find him researching the latest camera gear online (he’s bit of a techie nerd), teaching lighting workshops to other photographers around the globe and is eagerly trying to hit the next Delta Medallion class. Joseph is crazy in love with Candice and her two boys. He promises to marry her very soon, promise.

As 30A locals, we spend lots of time on our beautiful beaches, where we also photograph beautiful families and scrumptious food. We watch a lot of HGTV and Say Yes to the Dress together, but Joseph draws the line at My 600lb Life. 😉 Traveling is a big part of our lives and we’ve been around the world and back with one another. Some of our best memories include visiting the Eiffel Tower on Valentine’s Day, trying to find a pizza in Argentina, and waffles in Amsterdam.

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