They met on vacation, fell in love on vacation, and celebrated their wedding in Alys Beach, on vacation surrounded by the love of their friends and family.

Lauren and Chris started off their destination wedding weekend with a shrimp boil on the Fonville Press lawn, spent the afternoons at Caliza Pool, and capped off the big event with a ceremony and reception on the Central Park Green, just two short months after Chris had open-heart surgery!

With the help of It’s a Shore Thing Weddings and Events, their all-white wedding was laid-back and refreshing. Florals by the Sea orchestrated the soft, modern decor that included long white farm tables and greenery draping the top of the tent, complete with chandeliers and table garlands. A lounge area complete with a big screen TV for the football fans dying to watch the big game.

During our portrait time with Lauren and Chris, Tennessee scored a touch-down and Chris’s reaction was priceless!

After a flawless seated dinner by Townsend Catering, the rest of the night was all party. The Atlanta Party Band did an amazing job of keeping the guests dancing for hours… there are so many awesome reception pictures we could never fit them all here.

We adore working with expressive, happy, care-free couples who live in the moment. Lauren and Chris are the perfect example of that and truly the reason why there are so many great moments captured here.

If you are planning a wedding in Alys Beach, contact us about photographing your big day!

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