Tiffany and Luke’s Rosemary Beach wedding took place this past April. Our dear friend Scott Hopkins joined Candice to photograph their big day, planned by It’s a Shore Thing Weddings and Events. Tiffany and Luke come from Candice’s hometown, New Orleans Louisiana, which always guarantees a crazy good party. Of course, a NOLA native’s ceremony almost always involves a Catholic Mass, so St. Rita’s Church in Santa Rosa Beach served as the nuptial venue.

This couple had a great, fun, loving bridal party who supported them throughout the day and partied hard with them all night! We loved seeing the glow sticks come out, making the dance party a colorful scene, to the beat of B-Boy Productions DJ, Sean. Over the years of shooting weddings in Rosemary Beach, the Town Hall never gets old and makes for a really nice indoor-outdoor space where guests can dance inside and slip outside to the bar to cool off and grab a drink. The couple chose Celestine’s to dress it up beautifully as well as feed their hungry guests some delish food. Tiffany also included a Louisiana tradition called the cake-pull. Heidi from Bake My Day is also from New Orleans, so she always knows exactly how to assemble a great cake-pull.

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