When Katy mentioned she had a pink wedding dress, I knew it would be fun, but I had no idea how beautiful it would be in person! With layers of pink and purple tulle, she walked down the aisle on the rooftop of The Pearl for her Rosemary Beach wedding. The Pearl is a very special place for Katy and Chris. They spent their first weekend away together here and he popped the question there as well.

They celebrated with their closest family and friends, surrounded by a warm pastel sunset and a palette of pink and copper. Events by Nouveau styled their details perfectly from the metallic copper, pink, and purple table linens to the ceremony backdrop that just tied everything together. Their sweetheart table was set in front of a boxwood backdrop and dressed with more copper geometric pieces and the perfect ‘love’ sign.

Local musician Chris Alvarado performed from the ceremony through the reception and set the vibe perfectly. Their ceremony space was transformed with a gorgeous (and tasty!) pastel watercolor cake from Bake My Day.

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